Greenstar Gold Juicer


The Green Star Gold includes

  • fine screen
  • coarse screen
  • homogenizing blank
  • juice jug
  • plastic plunger
  • cleaning brush
  • soft fruit attachment
  • wooden plunger
  • drip tray
  • guide
  • strainer
  • pasta screw
  • rice cake blank
Greenstar Gold Juicer
Price: €465.00

Greenstar Elite


Greenstar Elite


The latest twin gear juicer from Tribest.

Higher juice yield        Easier handling        More minerals in optimal bioavailability.

The New Design The Green Star Juicer ™ Elite is not only capable of juicing divinely delicious and healthy freshly squeezed juices, the design now corresponds to the current aesthetic standards in the household.

Greenstar Elite
Price: €560.00

Greenstar 2000 Juicer


Green Star juicers  are  masticating juicers. Their  slow grinding Twin Gear trituration action combines low speed, far-infrared and magnetic technology.

The juice extracted from the Green Star juicer stays fresh up to 48 hours in the fridge, ideal if you want to juice only every other day.

Juices fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass and fibrous herbs.

The Green Star 2000 includes:

Fine Screen, homogenising blank, juice jug, plastic plunger, cleaning brush, soft fruit attachment.

Greenstar 2000 Juicer
Price: €445.00